Mu Godz

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Dear Players, Find the details of the latest MuGodz update, released on October 8, 2022


Pumpkin Invasion
Increased from 30 to 35 Pumpkins in Invasion Battle Pass


Update Sets Ruud
Updated Blood Angel ++ evolutions
- Base Defense increasing with each evolution
- Mastery Bonus Update
Updated HP and DD of evolutions of Blood Angel ++ sets and included %Damage from the HolyAngel set

  (The %Damage is not per PART but with the entire SET EQUIPPED)

[Image: cgKvlJc.png]

Antes                                               Depois
[Image: ONB1Ola.png]  [Image: fUKJOP6.jpg]
[Image: 8AIXP7d.png] [Image: FDuzkH7.png]
[Image: LhIsLWF.png] [Image: 2yp8lUg.png]

[Image: o6T8ZEx.png] [Image: 6QANJxA.png]

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